About Us


Candice Pool Neistat

 Candice Pool, Finn's Creative Director and an award-winning jewelry designer, founded the company in 2006. Born in South Africa and raised in Texas, she moved to New York and fell in love with Casey Neistat. The two married in 2013 and have a baby girl named Francine. With no formal jewelry training, she is proof that desire is a powerful motivator. It was simply a love of all things jewelry that has brought her to where she is today. Her favorite piece is the  Rosary Bracelet.


Morgan Ditmore

Morgan Ditmore is originally from Santa Barbara and brings her California cool to the office. Morgan is an accomplished fine artist who graduated from the New School, and her artistic eye is manifested in Finn design and quality. Her patience and demeanor keep the team on on task. Her favorite piece is the Gatsby Horn Hoops.

Emily Mullaney

Emily Mullaney grew up in Washington DC and after playing soccer at Wesleyan University, moved to New York. Her love of collaboration combined with a technical and methodical approach to her work make her the perfect person to run production. She also loves all things digital - especially twitter. Her favorite piece is the  Jumbo Arrow Ring.