Emerald Leaf

Emerald Leaf Necklace

Emerald Leaf Studs

Single Emerald Leaf Bracelet

Emerald Five Leaf Bracelet

Emerald Leaf Ring


Gypsy Chandelier Earrings

Pave Gypsy Chandelier Earrings

Rose Cut Gypsy Earrings

Love Knots

Pave Love Knot Hoops

Love Knot Ring

Rose Gold Love Knot Ring

Large Pave Diamond Love Knot Ring

Diamond Love Knot Ring

Pink Diamond Love Knot Ring

Pink Sapphire Love Knot Ring

Yellow Sapphire Love Knot Ring

Tsavorite Love Knot Ring

Cornflower Blue Sapphire Love Knot Ring

Sapphire and Black Gold Love Knot Ring

Black Diamond Love Knot Ring

Pave Gold Love Knot Hoops

Love Knot Hoops

Hearts and Arrows

Single Ruby Heart Stud

Pave Arrow with Ruby Drop

Gold Arrow with Ruby Drop Stud

Pave Arrow Bangle

Arrow Bangle

Rose Puffed Heart

Little Puffed Heart

Angel Skin Coral Heart Necklace

Pave Arrow Ring

Onyx Heart Necklace

Pave Ruby Puffed Heart

Angel Skin Heart and Arrow Studs

Pave Puffed White Heart

Arrow Ring

Pave Tiny Heart

Ox Blood Coral Heart and Arrow Studs

Rose Gold Arrow Ring

Black Heart and Arrow Studs

Ox Blood Coral Heart Necklace

Pave Puffed Heart

Pave Heart and Arrow Studs


Baguette Studs

Baguette Pendant

Moons and Stars

Pear Rose Cut Dangle Earrings

Moonstone Cocktail Ring

Pave Star Studs

Moon Studs

Pave Star Pendant

Pave Moon Necklace

Pleiades Pendant

Pleiades Ring

Pave Star Dangle Earrings

Pleiades Earrings


Small Bar Necklace

Bar Pendant

Bar Earrings


A Pendant

C Pendant

D Pendant

E Pendant

H Pendant

J Pendant

K Pendant

S Pendant

T Pendant

Angel Wings

Pave Black Diamond Angel Wing Earrings

Small Pave Angel Wing Pendant

Large Pave Angel Wing Earrings


Gatsby Hoops

Gatsby Huggies

Three Row Eternity Band

Gatsby Horn Ring

Small Pave Gatsby Hoops

Pave Gatsby Horn Ring

Black Gatsby Horn Ring

White Gold Three Row Eternity Band

Rose Gatsby Horn Ring


Three Black Rose Cut Bubble Necklace

Three Rose Cut Diamond Necklace

Black Rose Cut Dangle Earrings

Black Rose Cut Chain Ring

Double Rose Cut Dangle Earrings

Full Black Rose Cut Necklace

Rose Cut Dangle Earrings

Full Rose Cut Bubble Necklace

Rose Cut Necklace

Rose Cut Studs

Cascade Earrings


White Gold Skull Necklace

Gold Skull Cufflinks

Skulls on Cord

Skull and Pave Heart Necklace

Gold Skull Bangle

Angel Skin Skull Necklace

Gold Skull Necklace

Large Black Skull Necklace

Large Silver Skull Necklace

Silver Skull Necklace

Silver Skull Bangle

Silver Skull on Cord

Black Skull Cufflinks


Dagger Earrings

three triangle necklace

Triangle Studs

Triangle Pendant





White Rabbit



Baby Mako Tooth with Turquoise

Large Seahorse Pendant

Coral Cabochon Earrings

Baby Mako With Rose Cut

Baby Mako Tooth on Cord

Medium Mako Tooth on Cord

Large Mako Tooth on Cord

Pave Baby Mako Tooth Necklace

Pygmy Seahorse with Coral

Pygmy Seahorse with Toggle

Turquoise Cabochon Earrings

Pave Medium Mako Tooth Necklace

Moonstone Cabochon Earrings

Puka Beads

Rose Gold Peace Disc on Cord

Peace Disc on Cord

White Gold Peace Disc on Cord

Medium Black Gold Mako Necklace

Pave Mako Teeth Cufflinks

Anchors and Buoys

Buoy Necklace

Buoy Earrings

Pave Rope Ring

Pave Anchor

Rose Gold Rope Hoops

Rope Ring

Tahitian Pearl Buoy Earrings


Pave Devi Cuff

Pave Little Princess Bangle

Pave Little Princess Necklace

Little Princess Bangle

Princess Bangle

Princess Bangles

Pave Little Princess Dangle Earrings


Black Diamond Souvenir Eternity Ring

Diamond Souvenir Eternity Band

Souvenir Pave Diamond Cuff

Diamond Souvenir Huggies

Plain Souvenir Huggies

Souvenir Eternity Bangle

Black Diamond Eternity Bangle

Engraved Cigar Band

Simple Gold Band

Cuffs and Bangles


Souvenir Engraved Cuff


Gold Rose Necklace

Gold Twig Studs

Hawaiian Coral Rose and Twig Stud

Ox Blood Rose & Twig Studs

Gold Rose & Twig Studs

Looking Glass

Looking Glass Scapular

Looking Glass Pendant